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Flash Components was established in 2002 as an import company.

It was built on the invaluable knowledge and experience of Harry Mirlas whose love for the Far East began back in 1962 when he started trading as a young importer of consumer goods. He has since established successful companies in Sweden, Israel and South Africa, including Eurolux; one of the biggest importers of lights and light fittings in South Africa, founded by Harry in 1991 and sold in 2002.

Flash Components is a proudly South African company and brand name.

It is a family business owned by three partners; Harry Mirlas, Danny Mirlas and Yaron Schapiro and led by a dedicated staff, all working towards fulfilling the Flash Vision: Lighting up Africa, saving the planet’s energy, saving you money!

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Siligun is the best way to seal up gaps and small cracks
found in  homes.

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