Why buy LED from a reputable company like Flash?

LED lightbulbs can save you hundreds of Rands in electricity bills and still produce sufficient light. An LED lamp uses 80% less electricity than a normal lightbulb. It lasts much longer than standard incandescent lamps. If you are wondering how LEDs produce sufficient light and save you money on your electricity bill just see my guide to LEDs below.

Guide to LEDs

When purchasing lamps there are 2 major categories to consider: wattage and lumen.
In the past, we bought lightbulbs based on how much energy or wattage they produced. We had an understanding that the higher the wattage the more lumen was produced. This is still true but only when referring to the old incandescent lightbulb. This concept has changed with new LED technology. LED lamps use a lower wattage and still produce a higher lumen.

Why would you need more lumen than wattage?

Wattage is the measure of the amount of energy required to light the product, whereas lumens is the measure of the amount of light produced. Therefore the more lumen, the brighter the light. The efficiency of the lamp is in lumen per watt.

What does lumen per watt mean?

Lumen is the amount of visible light emitted from a source. Lumen per watt (lm/W) refers to the energy efficiency of lighting; how much visible light you get for a given amount of electricity. This means the lamp is more efficient if it produces a higher lm/w.

Why Flash?

When the circuit is being designed, the manufacturer must be careful with the amount of current he allows to run through the circuit. Too much current can cause the driver to burn faster and shorten the lifetime of the lamp. His reason for doing so is passing a bad lamp as a good one. Technically, it will show in testing a high wattage and a high lumen. What you do not see is the shortening of the lamps life time. Imagine a car running on high revs all the time. It will be faster but the engine will burn out before its due time. Whereas if it was running at normal revs the engine will last longer.

That is why you should look for a reputable company, such as Flash, to purchase your lamps from. We only use Integrated Chips (IC) that have great quality, such as Bright Power (BP) and Sunmoon. These IC’s can produce precise output currents and does not change with the inductance (electromotive force to be generated by a change in the current flowing) and LED output voltage. It also has protection functions to improve system reliability and provides LED short circuit protection.

XSMD6W-CWFlash has special testing equipment and completes various tests on the lamps, ensuring to have the best quality of products. For example, 2 years ago we had a 6W High Power LED GU10 lamp with 390 lumen producing 65 lm/w. We are constantly increasing our knowledge and methods of testing to improve our lamps. Now Flash has a 6W LED GU10 lamp with 550 lumen producing 92 lm/w – a better quality lamp that produces more lumen and has a longer lifetime yet at the same time reducing your cost of electricity.

Guide for Shopping

When you are shopping for lightbulbs you can select your next lightbulb for the brightness you want by comparing lumen instead of wattage.