The future is here for LED

I had come to believe a few years back that LED lamps were the future.

I realised that, at the point where the price difference between LED lamps and CFL becomes negligible, LED lamps will replace CFL. For that reason at Flash we are constantly driving for good LED lamps at better prices. As the technology of LED improves and the components become cheaper, we are able to reduce prices and increase performance to compete with CFL.

I am very happy to share with you the news – we are there!

On some products, our LED lamps are cheaper than our CFL equivalents. On others, the gap is reduced on a regular basis.

As a case in point we have launched together with Makro a special where the consumer can buy 4 x A60 LED lamps for R100! A CFL 11W is sold for R24.95 each.

I have listed below some points of comparison between LED and CFL:

There are various other technical points where the LED outperforms CFL.

Please let me know if you need more information.


Yaron Schapiro