Thank you all for your excellent service – I really appreciate the way you handled my query and will be recommending Flash to everyone.


I, Annie Pillay of Annies Furnishers express our sincere gratitude to Flash Components for the generous sponsorship of lights needed at our store for replacement due to the recent unrest in KZN.

Thank you

Annie Pillay / Annies Furnishers

A very big “Thank You” to Flash Components for sending through Grocery Boxes during the recent unrest in Kzn. Much Appreciated.

Sadek / Omars Electrical & Fuze Electrical

Good day Warren

Thank you so much for the green lamps.

Masada guest house situated in Langebaan, 2 years ago, took a decision to use Flash Bulbs. Our decision was based on the clarity of the 6watt LED bulb for our rooms and outside lights. We use the 6 watt green bulb for ambiance in our garden to highlight focal points after dark.

Due to unforeseen reasons, we could not source green bulbs in the West Coast area and sat with a couple bulbs that have blown.

I contacted Flash customer care and between Lucille, Bronwyn and Warren I had an email asking me for my delivery address. They replaced the blown bulbs on the strength of my explanation. It was within its 3 year guarantee. Incredible service from an incredible team.

The bang for your buck on Flash bulbs is superior. The brightness, the clarity is excellent and the after sales service is exemplary.

It is in times like this, that you know that the decision we took to make Flash our lamps of choice, was the correct one.

Warren could you please ensure that this email gets to the desk of Yaron Shapiro, who I have to add, phoned me as well due to my concern about the green bulbs.

Masada guest house is proud to be affiliated with Flash Components.

Dave Allam / Masada Guest House (Pty) Ltd

Ek wil net se Lester se diens is uitstekend en wil ons geen ander persoon het wat ons help nie, as hy ons rep ook kon wees sou dit soveel lekkerder gewees het, maar ja ons verstaan as hy die toonbank verlaat waar gaan ons weer n ou Lestertjie kry. Julle kan baie trots wees op n sales persoon soos hy. Lester Rock en kom ons almal baie goed met hom oor die weg.


Thank you so much to you and your team! You are on of the suppliers with the least number of issues and always step up your game!

I am extremely pleased with the deals.
The deals running for this week has already been sent out, the rest will follow suit.

Thank you again for your continued support and cooperation – it’s well noticed.

Pieter / Essential

Good day Bronwyn

The service to date has been top notch. Ryan calls regularly to check and let me know what specials are current as well as to see if there is any additional stock I require. I am very impressed with the lead times for the delivery of stock. Should you be out of any stock items Ryan informs me of the ETA as well as lets me know when the stock is again available. I am very happy with the service I do get from him.
I am also impressed with the fact when I pointed out that the rep was not around for a while you followed up and made sure he called the same day!!

Raymond / Downtown Electrical Distributors (PTY) LTD

I have been dealing with Flash for a couple of years now and they are unlike any other suppliers when it comes to service… definitely the best!
The products are really good, with very little issues. The good thing about Flash, is that they “man-up” to any issue relating to their products.
No other company does that. Flash always resolves the issue at hand.

Lee-Ann, well that girl delivers! She always make a plan and comes back with answers! She is the best!

Super company with Super service! Thank you!

Philip / Triponza Trading 78 (PTY)LTD T/A Impala Electrical Wholesalers

“It is incredible to think that a year has gone by since the start of the national lockdown.
Over the past 12 months the Covid-19 pandemic presented us with extraordinary challenges, both in our personal and working environments. However, it also offered us new opportunities and creative ways of doing business.
In concluding our Financial year-end results, we wish to note that Flash Components sales to our Members remained steady and positive compared to the previous year. This clearly demonstrates that through collaboration and commitment, we can persevere through difficult times.
On behalf of everyone within the Legendary Retail Brands Group, I would like to take this opportunity to recognize and personally thank you for your tireless efforts in maintaining supply to our stores around the country during this unprecedented year, and contributing to finding solutions in managing the new reality.
We remain absolutely committed to supporting our Members, Suppliers, Employees and Customers in this new environment.
I am confident that our collective effort will cement a strong and lasting business partnership and we look forward to positive growth in the new financial year.”

Jaco / Legendary Retail Brands

Recently we bought some of Flash new home HH products.
We are so excited about this ,the quality is spot on, at very affordable prices.
As primarily a hardware store, we are so convinced by these products, we made a home section within our hardware store.
Most importantly our clients are loving it…..

Thank you Robyn and the whole Flash team for going the extra mile always.

Pieter / Viking Trading

I’m 22 years old and decided to start an online hardware store with mother and we’ve been with Flash for 5 months so far and I can’t believe how quick it’s grown and a big part of it that has made it possible is the homemakers deals and the excellent sales team the are always willing to help you out.

Mitchell / DIY Door 2 Door

I would like to thank you for the outstanding service offered by your company.
It is unusual in these times to receive the outstanding service your staff offer.
My representative has been changed a few times and I just use Jordan even though she has not been allocated my account. Her service remains EXEMPLARY. It is so easy and effortless to use your company.
I thank you once again

Shawn Isakow / Bev's Wize Buys

“It is such a pleasure to work with Flash components.”


I phoned your office Monday, 4 January. I was assisted by one of your employees named Danielle. I am not a client of yours, but requested her help in getting a product that is not currently available at Brights Hardware. She went out of her way to assist me and arranged with one of your clients/ buyers to help me. I got my lights and very satisfied with your product. I would like to thank Danielle for her friendly and efficient service and should know that it did not go unnoticed.

Quinton Nortje

Carl, words cannot do justice to fully show my appreciation to you and your team… thank you for always remaining approachable, friendly, and an absolute pleasure to deal with… I thank you for always stepping in and assisting me the best way you know how. Carl and Lucille, I thank you for your efficiency and remarkable service. I thank you for always taking the time of your busy schedule to take my call and provide the addition help and support we required. Lucille thank you for your friendly service, your helpful nature and your warm bubbly personality.

Munazza / Electra

We encountered several challenges this year, with regard to the pandemic, pricing and stock availability.
However, it has been an absolute pleasure having a supplier with your calibre.
Thank you for going the extra mile to assist me with any enquiries, with special deliveries, and ensuring I receive the best service.

Munazza / Electra

“Good day I was n bit late for the appointment due to hair issues. (Women thing)
Upon arrival I was greeted like a Queen in waiting by the Flash reps. We took nice pictures and a video. I first decided that I will come back later, to buy something, but due to Black Friday specials at Mica, I decided to fall for that amazing specials and bought 20 Litre White paint, a 12.5 Litre spray can for my garden. And that two products was over R600 less, due to Black Friday amazing super discounts. I did buy more Flash products last week and will send my slips for that, to show how I love your globes. Flash do have amazing Globes specials, over the time in Mica as well and it really last. We busy renovating the house, from bottom to toe, room for room and these globes light our rooms nicely. My toilet for instance, we paint a nice yellow for the walls and the roof white, with a yellow Flash Led globe. Now everyone is sitting longer there and they all say it is a roomy place. My bathroom we paint the walls a mauve, with white ceilings and we put green Led globes. We also really enjoy the bathing with the two colours together. Mauve and green. I love coloured globes and hope to find Flash purple as well. That would top my love for this product. Thank you again to spice up a chilly Monday in Springs, that set the week forward for me and my family. We enjoy every moment of this morning buys.  Here is my slip to show off what I could get.”

Zelda Rachel Jacoba Boshoff / Winner of the Patron Challenge

“Whenever I go out to shops, I try and notice what could compliment my kind of business and last week as I was doing my shopping and saw your product, the packaging and display caught my eye, so I decided to look you up.”

Battery Base

Thank you, the service was exceptional

Andre Van Wyk

I must say the service received from Louhan was excellent… I take my hat off to Louhan for his efficiency and great service rendered

Denver Visagie

Wow. Great set up. I won a Flash competition years ago, and happy to say, my house is lit with cold to the touch globes, and wall clocks are powered by Flash. Not just a good product, so affordable. Thank you Flash.

Renee Champion

Thank you very much for your service, it was excellent!

Mariska Rossouw / Consulting Solutions & Innovation

Service was good.

Yusuf / Spark It DIY

I have found that your jet flame lighter has worked fantastically with my product. I subsequently inquired about supply and opening an account with your company.
I have been most surprised by the extremely competent and enthusiastic staff at your company. My account was set up without any hassles within hours and I have placed my first order.
It is unusual to find service levels of such high standards in our day and age. The whole experience from the person answering the line through the sales and ordering system. Your company will definitely be supported by me going forward.


I have just installed my second Flash product within a week; both High Power SMD LED’s, a 150w and a 20w. That doesn’t sound like much until you appreciate it’s a 5 hour round trip from Rhodes Village to the Manta Mica store in Aliwal North.
Everything about your product just spells CLASS! From the packaging, the simple operating instructions, the soldered cable ends…… and the fact that they both worked exactly has they should have.



Thx again for Flash Components, all the hard work building and assemble these two stands for us.
These stands makes a great difference in our lighting display area.

Werner Lamprecht

I purchased some Flash LED lamps from a supplier some time back, and I am so impressed with your product that I don’t want to use anything else . Please send me an email when the cycle has been closed

RR Ventersdorp

Service is very good and we always get emails of your specials and the deliveries is quick and excellent. She (Roceal) also phone me about once a week to confirm with me if I did receive the specials and stuff. Thanx alot Henro

Meyer Elektries

To Whom It may Concern

I would like to congratulate flash on being one of the best suppliers I have had the opportunity to deal with. The service I receive from the Flash department is nothing but perfect, with a quick and timeliness manner and always helpful. I can always rely on Lee-Ann for all needs and questions relating to their products.

Flash has perfected creating a Mutually Beneficial Relationship with us and will have our continued loyalty for the years to come.

We started off with a few products from flash, and has slowly grown into a massive product range, from floodlights and globes to Batteries and more. Flash has been one of our chosen suppliers for highest quality products to supply to corporations we deal with Country wide.

Yours Truly

Daniel Linder Haber / Onsite Lighting (Pty) Ltd T/A Italite


Yesterday when I came back from the Academy, I checked my emails and I saw an email that was sent to everybody by Ellen and WOW!!! I suddenly jumped out of my chair and to my surprise I have received the best news ever.

Our Executive Director and his Team-Mates Partners are so amazing! They have taken a huge step on salvaging high school graduates’ lives, in improving their study skills and knowledge by sponsoring them with good study ability and no finance for higher training.

I couldn’t sleep last night… Wow!!! I kept on thinking about the change it will bring to students that are not privilege enough to further their studies. How much change it will bring amongst children that do have anything to do in our community and when they are bored, they start to do wrong thing out there. I kept on thinking if we reach out to the world like this. How peaceful a world would be if everyone had known how.

This is so exciting for me and I just can’t wait for the year to start. It is really a good problem for me as the Academy Supervisor and I am very excited to say Thank you to my ED-Flash components and his Team-Mates Partners.

Lastly but not least, Flash Components is the best place work at. I have worked my life in different companies and I can say, this world is a mess… Many of us seem to have unrealised goals or incomplete plans and many of us face tasks that appear overwhelming, even impossible to achieve. This is true not only of individuals, but of companies and even countries. History is filled with failed projects.

But Flash Components is taking a step-in clearing that mess up and I am happy to say this is just the beginning of new heights for Flash…

Thank you… Thank you… Thank you a million time to Flash management for setting up this goal and taking a step on ensuring that it will be achieved.

Ndumie / Academy Supervisor, Flash Components CC

Hi, We use the specials from Homemakers as specials inside our store which is driving sales and customers to us.

Our Store has grown on average 20-30% over the past few years, however it is difficult to establish how much Homemakers specials has affected this. It is my feeling that the flash specials are a driving
force to our sales growth.


We at Avravision have used your homemakers promotion for the past year …. we are excited to give you some feedback…. it’s been very positive as it has allowed us to give our customers these specials on a monthly basis … and with the prices being fixed .. it has allowed fair trade with a fixed low mark up…this allows the consumer to get the best possible deal …. we hope in the coming year that
Flash would continue with this “tradition”.

ADZ Electrical and Lighting

Godwin just to inform you that I received the bulbs last night and must thank you for your kind assitance x you guys deserve a medal for service.


Just wanted to drop you a line to THANK you so very much for the excellent service I received from you.

I know I was very upset when I called you initially and must admit, wondered if you would indeed sort the problems I had out Glad to say you surpassed my expectations and you professionally sorted everything out.

I was mightily impressed with your service.

I will not hesitate to tell others about your ethical business.

Kindly let your employer know how I feel about the service I received

Mrs Dr Villiers

Thank you for the brilliant catalogue “Understanding Lighting” that has been sent around with your sales rep in KZN. This is the first since LED technology came into the market that we were presented with such an outstanding tool to help us marker LED. Finally now we can sell LED products with great confidence and knowledge that we never had before.Keep up the great work of being leaders in innovation and price. And we are great full to have an excellent sales rep who continues to market his products with such confidence and enthusiasm. It has not been easy for him to get his foot in our doors but persistence pays!!! Also not forgetting one of the country’s TOP NOTCH telly sales lady, LAUREN! Who works for flash . . My word, she is good at her job and never gives up promoting her lines. Very professional and dedicated in her duties.  Keep up the good work you two..!!!!

Niresh Nundlall / 1-stop

Thank you for equipping me with the tools in Learning how to learn.  The tools have made such an impact in my personal life.  Using the techniques, I managed to break through with my daughter on her mathematics tables.  It makes me proud to be part of an organisation that empowers staff with tools that can better both your personal and work life.

Danielle Kim Chamberlain

We started working with Flash a month ago and they created a newsletter for us which we mail to our clients a new way of communicating with them, this helps us to show case our product range to our customer, specials we can offer them, getting orders on email’s and getting our products marketed, it’s been working great for us

Leonie de Villiers / Gilnat Enterprises cc

Hi Godwin. This is the first time ever I have received assistance of this nature. Thank you for the effort you have put in to assist me. I will disconnect all the earth light circuits as suggested and will update you accordingly. Regards.


I’d like to say thank you for being so good to us. Your service is excellent, your product quality is good, your prices are reasonable, our customers are very happy.


Thank you for the time you afforded me to have the discussion. I must admit that I was greatly impressed by your test/evaluation facility as it gives one so much more confidence in selling, knowing that the product available has actually been evaluated and tested, making sure that the standards required are met and exceeding, and that Flash are NOT just another importer trying to flog a product into the African market place.


Just to say thanks to all who assisted me with this enquiry. Bulb has been replaced and is working as it should. Will now go and buy another two for other outside lights! By the way, Voltex Klerksdorp were full of praise and admiration on your very prompt response relative to my and their own enquiries regarding defective bulbs and have said that they have never received such outstanding service from any of their suppliers!

Bob Pitout


I have been buying from Flash since July 2015 when I started working at the company.

It has been a pleasure working with the staff and the products at Flash.  When new products come in, they keep us up to date.

They give us assistance when we need it, and the staff is very friendly, from the lady that answers the switchboard to the sales personnel.

The price is very compatible that we get from Flash, so we can stay in the market and keep our customers happy with the good quality product and good price.

Thank you very much Flash for the great service we get from you.

Landi van Staden / Vermeulens Build It Kimberley


We here at Roga Motors strive to make whatever we do a success. After several years dealing with Flash, we found the service to be great and the product to be value for money. We started reselling the product in the midst of the great “Load-shedding” encouraging people to go to more efficient and power saving globes and products, that’s where it all started for us. Flash has been a product that became something to stay, part of our family items that will stay for years to come.

Since we started the Homemakers in March 2017, we were a little sceptic to see how this could impact our business as we don’t even get the magazine for kilometers surrounding us. After being convinced by your friendly and helpful staff that it’s not just about the advertising but the pricing too, we jumped right into the next wave of the Flash business.

We started off with a bang, made a separate section in our front store for the monthly specials. Send out some photos of the special on email and our community Whatsapp groups. Since the gecko the special products flew off our shelves. The “Homemakers” have become a speaking item among the people of our town and people can’t wait to see what’s next on special. We even had a few non-locals passing thru from far places and who had but only good feedback.

Thank you for the amazing initiative of starting this awesome venture.

Riaan Claassen / Roga Motors


The monthly advertising in the magazine of Flash Homemakers has not only bought more feet to our store but also made people realise how big we are, most clients thought we only supplied DIY products but now realise we supply material for all parts of a house from construction straight though to decorating.

Our store has been in the magazine since last year June if i am not mistaken, from August our amount of customers increased by 10% and as still been growing each Month.
With so all the customers coming into our store requesting for different products our ranges of products have increased over the past year.

Jacky / Chamdor Build It

We celebrated 25 years in business during the week from 26 September 2016 to 1 October 2016. We invited suppliers to be part of this milestone and we can without a doubt say that the week was a huge success. You as a supplier played the biggest part in this success because of your participation. We received promotional items that were handed to customers, products that we used as prizes during the week as well as discounts on orders during this period. Furthermore we had suppliers that participated in a SUPPLIER DAY held at Prieska on 30 September 2016.

This momentous week would have not been possible without the support of you, our valued supplier. Through your support for this occasion you have indicated your loyalty towards Vermeulens Build It. We therefore wish to extend a very big Vermeulens THANK YOU to all the suppliers that participated in this event.

Deon du Plessis / Vermeulens Build It Prieska

JFBS logo colour on greyIt is my pleasure to send this letter to you concerning the service level we are buying from you.

I started buying from your company, from October 2012.

We used to keep the Flash Products from other suppliers in our store, before we started buying direct from you.

Since then we have been getting a wonderful service from Lee-Ann. Her response to the matter is always quick and effective. She really looked after it in a very committed manner.

She always communicates with me with specials and new ranges we keep. We already received catalogues, price lists and display stands for the products. The products are selling well in the store.

On behalf of the entire Jane Furse Builders Supply Team, I want to thank Lee-Anne and Flash Components for the commitment and effort which has been given to us for the last 6 months. Hope we will have a successful future together.

Hanna Tegene Bayou / Jane Furse Builders

Gateway Electrical 1It’s been about 4 years now, since we met, to discuss and exchange techniques of improving our business relations with each other.

Today I am glad and proud to be associated with you and your company in terms of the many demands the market loads upon us, these being:

  1. Speed to market
  2. Decent prices
  3. Quality products
  4. Product knowledge
  5. After sales service
  6. Good consumer relations

Your assistance in making the above work, has been with a high level of expertise and your prompt response to the many times we needed to call on you, cannot go without being mentioned and appraised. The responsible manner in which you have promoted your ‘new products’, followed with samples as well, has kept us above the rest in terms of our DIY market.

We therefore wish to say a BIG THANK YOU for all your support and assistance and for “getting into bed with us”, with the solid aim of the ever willing seller, always willing to supply and support our customer base.

On behalf of myself and the staff at Gateway

Thank you

Errol Levendall / Gateway Electrical Wholesalers

Finishing Touch Lighting LogoI must say that I am impressed with your products regarding your LED striplight, LED undercounter striplight and LED lamps and the prices are very good.

Roceal is exceptional, very friendly, professional and always eager to help. Very importantly, she always calls back. It is a pleasure to work with you as a person.

Henry / Finishing Touch

HEQLEN WEDGE SMALLI have been dealing with Glenda since the beginning of my account and must say that she is extremely helpful and friendly. There are only a couple of my supplier’s sales consultants with whom I can have a conversation without identifying myself first. Glenda is one of them.

Please thank Glenda for the great service levels and the fast and prompt response to any request.

It is a great pleasure doing business with you.

Linda Viljoen / Heqlen Mica

Thank you very much for all your help, especially in answering all my questions. This makes all the difference when deciding on the best products for our clients needs!

Francois / Lumber City