Save money by choosing the right batteries

In this issue, I would like to talk about saving you money.

Not in lighting but on a very simple household product. The typical run of the mill battery. I am referring to an AA and AAA battery.
In order to understand the subject we need to understand there are 2 types of batteries:

1. Zinc Carbon Batteries AKA Super Heavy Duty (older technology) – good for remote controls, some toys and flashlights.

2. Alkaline Batteries – Good for most battery consuming household products. An Alkaline battery will last up to 6 time longer than a Zinc Carbon battery.

It is not the brand that lasts longer but the type (of technology) that lasts longer.

In order to compare brands we should compare an Alkaline brand with and Alkaline brand and a Zinc Carbon with a Zinc Carbon. This is exactly what we have done in our testing lab. We put a battery on test using a 3.9 Ohm resistor. We cut off the timer when the battery reached 0.9V. We tested all batteries at the same room temperature and on the same circuit. We used Flash brand and other two leading brands in our test. The results are of each brand’s average.

These are the results for the AA batteries:

battery prices comparison






This is a no brainer. Easy saving!

I personally use Flash Alkaline batteries for all my battery uses as it is cheaper than other branded Zinc Carbon batteries and lasts 4.5 times longer.

Yaron Schapiro