LED Filament

Let’s talk about ambiance lighting.

For those of you who have used in the past Tungsten filament lamps you know the special light that emanates from them.
They give a soft, warm yellow/orange light for places where softness adds to the experience (like restaurants, bars, living rooms etc.).
These lamps are dimmable by default.

Less known is the fact that the click here same concept lamp is available in LED, namely the LED filament.
LED filament is a string of small LEDs that look like a tungsten filament.
It produces the same light creating the ambiance desired.

The question is how the two products compare?

The LED filament lamp is 4W vs the 60W Tungsten filament. That is a little over 95% saving on energy.

The Tungsten filament is dimmable. I am happy to announce that the FLSH LED filament is dimmable and at no additional cost! FLASH is the only brand in SA that has the dimmable filament at no extra cost. The dimmable lamp was developed by our chief engineer specifically without making it more expensive.

The Tungsten filament is 40% cheaper than the LED filament.
But the lifetime of the Tungsten filament is 1000 hrs vs 15000 hrs of the LED filament- making the LED filament 15 times longer lasting.
Considering the above, the LED filament is 89% cheaper.
Add to this the cost of replacing the lamp and the electricity saving and it is obvious that the LED filament is the way to go.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Yaron Schapiro