Filament lamps, a path to the vintage era

Imagine sitting beside the window, enjoying the view, with a mug of steamy latte and a favourite novel in your hand… sounds so soothing, doesn’t it? Now imagine the same scenario, the only difference is, you are sitting in a beautifully decorated room with lots of soft, warm lights overhead, giving the whole place a vintage feel. You feel transported in time, the mood is just right. These Flash filament LED lamps are the new trend, and they give any surrounding an authentic vintage ambience.

It’s not always about the food, or the people you mingle with. If the ambience is calm and classy it will automatically set the mood and free your mind from all the hustle and bustle.


You can use these artistic Flash filament LED lamps to add vintage flair to your living room, study, bedroom, dining room or anywhere, really. Wherever you install them, they will enhance the space. These lamps are also much less power consuming as they are only 3 – 4 Watts. The variety of bulb shapes will give you the opportunity to choose according to your taste.

So, if you are thinking of redecorating your workplace or home with a bit of vintage flair, Flash filament LED lamps are for you.