Executive Training

Flash management has decided to sponsor high school graduates, with good study ability and no finance for higher training.

The suitable students will study full time (8hrs/day) in our academy.
Their training will be for executive (top management) positions in our company.
Once they graduate through the study curriculum they will be offered a job with Flash for a 5 years.

The training will involve 3 levels:

  1. Basic Staff Training – In this level the curriculum covers study technology, Skills for life and the work place.
  2. Management Training – In this level the student will learn to manage others and the work.
  3. Executive Training – In this level the student will attain the skill of managing sections and full companies. He will get marketing, Public Relations, Leadership, Planning and Financial training.

This is a fantastic opportunity for some young students to achieve a level of competency that can not be obtained any other place in SA today.

We are accepting candidates now!

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