Flash Components was established in 2002 as an import company.
It was built on the invaluable knowledge and experience of Harry Mirlas whose love for the Far East began back in 1962 when he started trading as a young importer of consumer goods.

He has since established successful companies in Sweden, Israel and South Africa, including Eurolux; one of the biggest importers of lamps and light fittings in South Africa, founded by Harry in 1991 and sold in 2002.
Flash Components is a proudly South African company and brand name.

It is a family business owned by three partners; Harry Mirlas, Danny Mirlas and Yaron Schapiro and led by a dedicated staff, all working towards fulfilling the Flash Vision: Lighting up Africa, saving the planet’s energy, saving you money!


Flash Components is committed to lighting up every home in Africa by bringing in an extensive range of light bulbs, basic light fittings and other consumer goods such as batteries, flashlights and more.

Manufacturing companies are carefully screened and selected from hundreds available and they all comply with the strictest international standards.


Flash Components is fuelled by its vision to save the planet’s energy. International fairs and exhibitions are visited regularly to bring the latest green technology home to Africa.

Flash carries a wide range of LED lamps (light emitting diodes) and energy saving lamps strictly complying with NRCS specifications.


Flash Components is committed to saving you money and is constantly striving to get you the best prices without compromising the quality of the products.

As an importer, distributor and exporter it is the mission of Flash to bring affordable goods tailored to the needs of the South African and Southern African markets.

How led lights saves you money
The functional life of present LED lamps is in between 15,000 to 50,000 hours. That mores than 5 years of continual operation, or 10 years of fifty % operation.

The extensive functional life of a led lamp is a stark contrast to the typical lifetime of an incandescent bulb, which is around 5000 hours. If the lights gadget has to be installed right into a truly inaccessible area, utilizing LEDs would practically do away with the need for workout light bulb replacement.

There isn’t really a comparison in between the prices of LED lights vs. typical incandescent choices as well as CFL. With incandescent light bulbs, the true worth of the bulb is the cost of alternative bulbs and the labour cost and time would like to change them.

These are essential aspects, especially the area there are numerous mounted bulbs. For workplace structures and skyscrapers, maintenance prices to change light bulbs may be substantial. These concerns can all be nearly removed with the LED choice.

The crucial power of LED illumination is decreased power intake. When created properly, an LED circuit will approach eighty % performance, which suggests eighty % of the electric energy is transformed to light power.

The staying 20% is misplaced as warmth energy. Compare that with incandescent bulbs, which run at around 20% efficiency (80% of the electric power is lost as warmth).

In real cash expressions, if an one hundred-Watt incandescent light bulb is utilized for 1-12 months, with an electric price of 10 cents/kilowatt hr, $88 can be spent on electric energy expenses. Of the $88 cost, $70 might have been used to warmth the area, not light the room.

If an 80% effective LED system had been used, the electric energy price can be $23 per year– there would be a price cost savings of $sixty 5 on electric energy throughout the year.

Realistically the expense monetary savings could be enhanced as a lot of incandescent light bulbs burn out inside a 12 months and also need substitutes whereas LED mild light bulbs can be utilized simply for a decade without stressing out.

Our LED lights currently come comprise 40 or eighty LED lights and also might be customized for use with any energy supply. The concept limit to the fostering of LED lighting as an illumination commonplace is the current extreme worth of led bulbs.

Though the price keeps going down, LED light bulbs are nonetheless expensive. A solitary LED mild bulb, replacing a 25 watt incandescent, will cost around $20. Though LED’s are pricey, the price is recovered with time and also in energy cost cost savings.

Consider that it is considerably more affordable to preserve led lights, the very best worth comes from office usage where maintenance and also alternative prices are pricey. Website visitors lights and outside indicators, for instance, are being transformed to LED’s in numerous countries.

Smaller sized ranges, such as these in flashlights, headlamps as well as small procedure lights behave for specialized and also outside use. LED based automotive fronts lights are present being made use of in high finish luxury automobiles.